From a Hustla's Life to the Pastor's Wife

From a Hustla's Life to the Pastor's Wife

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Re'Gail was a naïve country girl who found herself mingling in the waters of bloodthirsty sharks from the big city. Attracted to good looking, well dressed bad boys, she quickly learned all that glitters isn't gold. From one failed relationship to the next, Re'Gail searched for love that only an attentive and compassionate father could give. A void she tried desperately to fill led her down a path of lies, betrayal, and abuse; until she decided enough was enough! Being surrounded by a particular type of male company, mainly players and drug dealers, she quickly learned the rules of the game. "Use them like they use me" became her motto. She started hustling and making tons of money, partying, and living the fast life, but she wasn't fulfilled.


As fate (and social media) would have it, she reconnected with a past love and confronted the brokenness within her heart. Would this prove to be best for her? From A Hustla's Life to the Pastor's Wife takes you on a whirlwind journey of devastating family secrets, danger, the fast life, and redemption.


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